TIMAC AGRO supports the largest producer of olive oil in the world

Olive growing is closely linked to Mediterranean culture. Spain, the world’s leading producer
of olive oil and table olives, cultivates 57% of its olive trees on dry land and 42% on irrigated land. For irrigated land, 46,410 ha are fertigated 10 or 12 times per year. This fertilisation programme is monitored by 65 of our TSAs who visit over 500 ha of olive plantations each year.

For the last 4 years, 16 TIMAC AGRO España TSAs have been closely collaborating with 22 technicians from the company DCOOP. Our teams jointly deploy the strategy developed by TIMAC AGRO: the TSAs provide advice on plant nutrition to farmers and the DCOOP technicians concentrate on quality control and harvest estimates. Our actions have resulted in renewed plant vigour, enhanced fat content (+22%), and increased olive size and weight (+8%). A promising step for our Spanish TSAs!

Each phase of the vegetative cycle of the crop benefits from a specific input:

  1. After the harvest and during the winter vegetative dormancy, our products improve germination and the development of more productive branches. In March, we recommend foliar application products.
  2. In the spring, we improve flowering.
  3. In the summer, we increase the fattening of the olive with biostimulants.
  4. Between June and September, we work on fruit ripening and fat yields.

For the fertigated crops, we use liquid products in the germination, growth and ripening phases, as a substitute for granular fertilisers.