YIELD SERVICE: the successful programme of TIMAC AGRO Hungária

Launched 5 years ago by TIMAC AGRO Hungária, the Plant Nutrition Management Programme YIELD SERVICE has several objectives: to change the usual practices of supply, to feed soils according to specific needs, to improve yields and to help to create environmentally friendly nutrient management. This programme not only affects the quality and quantity of the crop in a given year, but also the soil itself, and thus the future results. This initiative also responds to the Hungarian government’s request for farmers to perform soil analysis every 5 years.

YIELD at our customers SERVICE

This Programme has many benefits. It offers a complete service, from sampling to design, to establish a precise budget plan. This plan has there by been enabling share costs of nutritional supplementation between the analysis tables and it reducing the risk of environmental pollution by avoiding unnecessary applications. Since 2014, the subsidiary has been providing such services for nearly 400,000 hectares in Hungary.

This service also allows for a personalized approach thanks to a realistic plan established during meetings with our experts and producers. Based on measurement and professional calculation, farmers can follow each step of work transmitted in real time by telephone or email. If farmers had been analyzing their soil for a long time, the data was rarely used. Now, the data collected and the results can be verified and communicated.

“Since I joined the program, my use of fertilizer has been more focused. In each area, I release sufficient preparation and quantity for the plant with the given soil conditions. For me, the main motivation was profitability and I could achieve higher yields. “

Zsolt Szabó, Production Partner in Baranya


YIELD SERVICE: for a differentiated application

Whether it is a nitrate sensitive farm, traditional or precision, this Programme includes several elements to meet the legal requirements of the Hungarian government. First, it is the soil sampling for analysis in an accredited laboratory partner of TIMAC AGRO Hungária. Then comes the detailed and descriptive diagnoses for classifying the limiting factors for soils. These data allow to analyze the cost of nutrient intake. It is then in the form of tables that soil maps are inventoried to allow a professional consultation by our TSAs to give the best advice on the costs of service and to propose the adapted products.

Thanks to YIELD SERVICE and its optimized nutrient application technology, our partners have been able to increase the quality of their yields and have achieved higher revenues. In 2016, a new branch was born: YIELD SERVICE +. This specialized version of the program is provided for precision farming technology and will go even further in the observations with, in particular, the use of aerial imagery. The planning (and the diagnosis) is not only on filed level but on homogeneous units called management zones.


Learn more: http://www.timacagro.hu/yield-service/mi-az-a-yield-service