Our industrial strength lies in our unique know-how. That being said, sharing the expertise of our Industrial Managers and providing an immersive experience inside our factories are essential tools for sharpening the skills of our future industrial talents. That’s why we decided to create the AIM Program (Agile Industrial Management).

Program presentation

Who can join the AIM Program?

The AIM program is dedicated to young industrial talents with potential.


Technical skills

• Production sequencing
• Formulation
• Granulation process
• Maintenance management

Plant Management

• Continuous improvement
• Quality product
• Financial result : P&L
• Bill of material

Team Leader

• Multiskilling
• Team mentoring
• Flexibility
• Recruitment/onboarding integration process

Why should you enroll in the AIM Program?

  • Accelerate learning of TIMAC AGRO Specific Technical Skills,
  • Become a technical referent on a dedicated domain
  • Gain Managerial Skills and become a Team Leader,
  • Create a network within our international plants,
  • Benefit from internal coaching and from the experience of internal experts,
  • Develop autonomy and flexibility to become more efficient and reactive.


Join this international program so you can master new skills and grow within TIMAC AGRO.