TIMAC AGRO is an industrial company specialized in soil nutrition, plant nutrition and animal production.

TIMAC AGRO has been constantly innovating to offer solutions in plant nutrition and animal production that improve agricultural performance.

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Our proximity to the farming world

Our mission? To support you, the ones who feed the planet, to be at your side to offer you tailor-made solutions.

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Our solutions

Using molecules sourced from natural resources, we create formulas adapted to each of your needs. Our solutions are therefore unique.

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Our industrial flexibility

Local, our factories are as close as possible to our clients. Flexible, they respond to the diversity of formulas that precisely meet your expectations.

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Our innovation

Since our origins in 1959, innovation has been part of our DNA. Together, we are building a productive agriculture that protects the environment.

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Our industrial location

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Our history


Creation of the Centre Mondial de l'Innovation

A strong commitment to an innovation policy that will enhance effective and sustainable agriculture, with the creation of the CMI within the Groupe Roullier in Saint-Malo.


Launch in Brazil

Implantation in Brazil via the acquisition of a fertilizer factory in Rio Grande, which has become the company’s biggest granulation unit.



The launch of the biostimulant ranges.


The 1st granulation factory

Construction of the first granulation factory in Saint-Malo (Brittany, France).


Creation of TIMAC

Daniel Roullier created the Industrial Processing of Maerl for Soil Enrichment (TIMAC), whose main activity was focused on soil improvers - the first facility for grinding maerl, whose distinct qualities make it the best enrichment agent for acidic soils. TIMAC is the founding company of the Groupe Roullier.

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Our values


We believe that it is our responsibility to support the many changes in the agricultural world. We have always worked and will continue to promote growth, value land and crops, while preserving the environment. Our mission is carried out daily thanks to an extraordinary investment in our customers.


Each one of us at TIMAC AGRO, no matter his or her expertise, nourishes a passion for farmers. Care and empathy are our constant guides as we pursue our quest for excellence.


Far from following the status quo, we are adamant about avoiding clichés, as we are always looking for unique, original ways when confronting the realities found in the field. Our drive to be innovative stops us from accepting preconceived notions, and we always prioritize finding the right solution at the right time. We give immense importance to the judgment of those who work the land and know it best: farmers.


Like the farmers, each employee of TIMAC AGRO has a strong entrepreneurial spirit. We live at the same pace as our customers and we have put all our energy at the service of their project, their growth and their development.