In 2017, TIMAC AGRO, a subsidiary of the  Groupe Roullier, bought a majority share in the wine company FALUA, which was previously owned by the João Portugal Ramos Group. 3 years later, in February 2020, VITAS Portugal acquired the entirety of FALUA’s share capital.

“We are really enthusiastic about the full acquisition of FALUA Vinhos. It represents an excellent investment for our company. Its potential and prospects for development are huge,” explains Rui Rosa, head of VITAS Portugal.

FALUA acquires a vineyard for the production of Vinho Verde

Following the collaboration with the João Portugal Ramos Group, the Groupe Roullier’s TIMAC AGRO subsidiary, through the FALUA company, purchased a vineyard in the Minho region in the north-west of Portugal—the region that produces Vinho Verde.

This acquisition results from TIMAC AGRO’s ambition to strengthen its presence in the Portuguese wine sector and expand its role as a producer in the new Minho region.

The Alvarinho grape variety truly thrives in the Minho region, and in particular in the subregion of Monção and Melgaço where it reaches its full potential thanks to the unique terroir. With its unique aromas and flavours, the Alvarinho grape variety is considered one of the finest grafted white grapes planted in Portuguese vineyards. This wine is an exceptional product and is only produced in small quantities.

The province is protected by a mountain range that creates the ideal rain, temperature, and light conditions for the Alvarinho grape variety to properly ripen.

“Being able to work with the Alvarinho grape variety is a major opportunity. It is an exquisite, very high-quality product. Our standards for this project are set very high—and the results will be a testament to that!”  Antonina Barbosa, FALUA