TIMAC AGRO Brasil is the winner of the Soybean Maximum Productivity Competition in Brazil for the third time.   

The 2018 Soybean Maximum Productivity Contest in Brazil once again highlighted TIMAC AGRO’s customers. Brazilian champion Gabriel Bonato harvested 7.6 tonnes per hectare using TIMAC AGRO products.

The first of the Irrigated Category, customer Vitor Ceolin, used the same technologies and harvested 6.7 tonnes per hectare. The national average is only 3.3 tonnes / ha.  

TIMAC AGRO’s technologies enable producers to exceed their productivity records each year.
In 2015 and 2016, TIMAC AGRO’s customers were already in first place in the national competition, where more than 6000 participants are registered each year.  

The competition is organised every year in Brazil by the Strategic Committee of Soy Brazil (CESB). The aim is to encourage the development of new profitable and sustainable farming practices for maximum yield of the crop.


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