Our Swiss subsidiary is joining forces this year with the dynamics of a new hub on the St-Aubin site in Fribourg. The capital with 38,500 inhabitants would like to create a big agribusiness centre dedicated to innovations and the pooling of knowledge. Startups and big companies are concentrated in the capital. For our Swiss subsidiary, whose head office is in Zurich, this location presents a number of interests.

A new commercial tool

An area of 120 ha is dedicated to this centre as well as 6,500 m2 of offices, laboratories and 100 ha of farming areas. Benefitting from an exclusive partnership with the farm located at its centre and including plots dedicated to our protocols is a way to assert our commitment to innovation. Federal institutions active in the farming sector such as Agroscope (Swiss Institute for agronomic research) or FIBL (Research Institute of Organic Agriculture) will also follow the activities of the new centre.

This pilot farm helps prove to all Swiss farmers that our solutions are financially profitable and that they will improve the profitability of their farm. Aurélien Roger, Director TIMAC AGRO Swiss.

See far to prepare the future

If our subsidiary invests in premises at this pilot farm, it is not only to test our solutions and ensure a close relationship with experts at CMI Roullier, but also to take the opportunity to talk to future clients and partners. Fenaco, a Swiss agricultural cooperative present in this centre, reaches 22,000 farmers in the country. “Our end clients are attentive about the return on their investments and we can reassure them and assist them, thanks to lifesized trials”, said Aurélien Roger.