How to Optimize Sugar Content in Beets

The challenge in sugar beet production is to maximize the sugar production per hectare. There is a negative correlation between yield and sugar content, as sugar content is generally diluted when yield increases. Nitrogen excess, deficiencies in manganese and zinc can also reduce sugar yield. As farmers are paid not only on yield but also on sugar content, it is important to promote agricultural practices that are going to maintain good sugar rate

TIMAC AGRO ADVICE KIT As for all crops, photosynthetic activity is the motor of sugar beet growth and directly impacts the quality of the harvest. Photosynthetic activity directly leads to glucose production. Sugar is stored in the roots under the sucrose form, which is made of a molecule of glucose, associated with a molecule of sucrose (coming from the production of glucose). Stimulation of the photosynthetic activity is thus essential to promote high sucrose content, from the early stage of crop development.

Sugar content is also linked to varietal features. It has been shown that varieties have different abilities to produce sugar, and that the ones that have higher sugar content have smaller but more parenchymal cells and consequently a higher proportion of cell wall compounds. Following this, varieties with high marc content also showed a high sugar content (Beiß, 1989; Hoffmann et al., 2005). The marc content is a sum of parameters defined by solubility and comprises the insoluble constituents of the root, which are predominantly the cell wall compounds (cellulose, hemicellulose, pectin and lignin) (Hoffman et al, 2010).The marc content and sugar content are closely related because the sugar content does not overpass the best quantity a cell can store, relatively to its cell wall components. Thus, the higher the number of cells, the higher the quantity of cell wall components, and the higher the quantity of sugar (Hoffman and Kenter, 2018)


TIMAC AGRO technologies have been designed to stimulate cell division in roots and shoots, leading to a more important root development. These technologies are also efficient in increasing photosynthetic activity. This promotes sugar content in sugar beet, as well as an increase in total yield. (Hoffman et al., 2005)

TIMAC AGRO technologies can stimulate root development, cell division, and photosynthetic activity in sugar beets. On average trials have shown a 6.7% increase of yield in sugar beets with no loss in sugar content.

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