How to Avoid Stress During Corn Establishment

This initial stage is essential because it will define the first component of the yield; the number of plants per m², and unlike other crops, corn does not have the same ability to compensate this loss.

Establishing the desired number of plants begins with planting into a seed bed that is well prepared, has adequate moisture, and soil temperatures in the seed zone are near and holding around 10 °C.

But besides all these parameters it is also vital to help the plant with fertilizers and biostimulants to achieve a quick emergency and a uniform stand of plants in the field.

As soon as we get a good establishment, the plants are going to be able to response better to any abiotic stress, and to compete with weeds avoiding yield losses in the future.

Importance of a good establishment through a good root system development to reach the stand of plant desired.

The seeds sowed vary respect to the final plant population, affecting the yield potential, and one of the most important reasons is stress during the establishment stage.

The yield response to the final plant population in the field, which remarks the importance of avoiding stress during the establishment period, to reach the final stages of the crop with the proper number of plants.

The yield is directly related to the size of the root system, and therefore, the more developed it is, the higher the yield.

TIMAC AGRO Technologies improve root development, nutrient absorption, mobilization of nutrients, and tolerance to abiotic stresses in early stages.

Trials have shown +30% N efficiency in corn and +15% yield!

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