Career Talk – Yacine Karimi


Our representatives are always on the field, close to where the work is done. Even when confronted to extreme temperatures, they bring the necessary TIMAC AGRO expertise to farmers. That’s the case of Yacine Karimi, TIMAC AGRO Algérie representative, who gives his point of view on working in the desert.


« In Southern Algeria temperatures can reach 50°C. »


What is your background?
I graduated in 2016 as an agricultural engineer specialising in Soil Science.
I joined TIMAC AGRO Algérie in October 2017 as a junior representative in Adrar, a Saharan area located in the extreme south of the country and known for its harsh climate.

What are your working conditions?
I work in the Adrar area, in the heart of the Algerian Sahara. In Southern Algeria, temperatures can reach 50°C, even in the shade. Add to that low rainfall and sandy soils, and you have a picture of the region where I work!

How do the farmers in your area work?
Southern Algeria is known for its cereal and fodder production, with much higher yields than in the north. With very high temperatures, sandy soils with low organic matter and a pH that exceeds 8, we need solutions to combat stress and losses of fertile units. Everything is done under centre-pivot irrigation and centred around two campaigns: wheat, which starts in October and silaging in July.

How do you work in such conditions? What is your state of mind?
I always try to optimise my day itinerary using the CRM. In my area, the first visit must begin at 5 a.m. It’s the only way to meet as many customers as possible before the afternoon heat peak. My efforts are always rewarded with flourishing results in the middle of the desert.

What does this experience bring you?
My work allows me to travel all over the Wilaya of Adrar. I can rediscover my native region and its cultures and identify its needs… It’s a wonderful experience!


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