Career Talk – Stefania Mirica


At TIMAC AGRO, we share many values with the world of sports: team spirit, perseverance and competitiveness characterize our work! It is therefore not surprising that we sometimes find our representatives to be experienced sportsmen and women, capable of being highly motivated both professionally and athletically. This is the case of Stefania, from TIMAC AGRO Romania, who talks about her passion for running.


Can you tell us more about yourself and your career at TIMAC AGRO Romania?

I began my career in 2015 as a Junior Financial Controller at TIMAC AGRO Romania. Two years later, I decided to try my luck as a representative. Today I feel I made the right decision, even if it was not always easy! It took me time and effort to adapt and learn.

What sport do you practice regularly?

I am an active person: I enjoy practicing sports, especially running. Marathons are my favorite: my best performance is a 21-km run in 2 hours 16 minutes. But I don’t do it for the performance. I do it for pleasure!

How do you combine sports with your professional career?

Sport helps me meditate, clear my mind, and make the right decisions.
In my personal and professional life, whenever I have to make an important decision, I make sure I have a clear mind. I played handball as a teenager, and it taught me how to play as a team!

Do you share your passion for sports with your colleagues at TIMAC AGRO?

Being part of a big team has many advantages: one of them is finding people with similar interests!
We are a small group of marathon enthusiasts, pushing each other to achieve the goals we set for ourselves. As a team, we pushed our limits, and supported each other to finish the 21-km Bucharest Marathon, our goal!

What is your objective today, both professionally and in terms of sport?

My goal is to progress, to learn more about myself from both points of view (sports-wise and professionally), to build on my strengths, and work on my weaknesses. Sport has helped me a lot to connect with people. It helps me to forge links with a wide variety of people. Every morning, I wake up trying to be a better person than yesterday!