Career Talk – Ricardo Espadinha


What’s at the center of our representatives’ career? Proximity! In 2014, Ricardo comes back to his work as a representative for TIMAC AGRO Portugal and meets José Cecilio, a local producer of his region. 13 years after, he’s proud to say that José is way much more than a client: he’s a friend.


What is your “TIMAC AGRO” story?

I started working for TIMAC AGRO in July 2009. In 2013, I got an opportunity to work as a production manager on a farm – I stayed there for one and a half years. In 2014, I returned to work for TIMAC AGRO: I missed human relations and my daily exchanges as a representative. So I came back with new skills and a fresh perspective on my business. Today I work in the south of Portugal, in the Alentejo region.

Which friend did you want to talk about?

José Cecilio. He is a rice producer and owner of the “”Herdade de Gaxa”” farm. He diversified his activities with a “”montado de sobro”” (cork oak forest) and a herd of cows that graze in irrigated and non-irrigated grasslands. And he is a friend.

How did you meet?

Marco Morais, the General Manager of TIMAC AGRO Portugal, introduced us. We started, of course, by engaging in business discussions. And then we began to talk about other things:
We shared our hobbies and talked about life outside of work. I met his family, I went to his house, and he went to mine. At this point, we can call it friendship!

How long have you known each other?

I have known José Cecílio for 13 years now. Long enough to say that our friendship is solid and that our commercial activity has become secondary at this stage!

What has this friendship brought you?

José Cecilio is a friend I can count on, and that means a lot to me. Professionally, it has also meant a lot to me: José is one of the reference operators in his region, and his expertise is widely recognized.


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