Career Talk – Mustafa Çetiner

Mustafa and his Regional Manager Raziye
In the photo Mustafa and his Regional Manager Raziye


Mustafa Çetiner is a well-known TIMAC AGRO representative in his country, Turkey. However, it wasn’t the case: he changed career, learnt from his early days as a representative, and patiently built strong relationships with farmers. He’s now a top TIMAC AGRO representative, and an example of strong determination paying off.


How did you come to TIMAC AGRO?
I made the life-changing decision of quitting my 7 years’ career as a banker to pursue the job I had studied and majored in, as an agricultural engineer. I’ve been working at TIMAC AGRO Avrasya for 3 years now, as a representative in Çumra district in South Konya region, a district where polyculture farming is practiced, and where corn’ and sugarbeet’ cultivation is preeminent.

What was your biggest challenge?
When I first started my job as a representative for TIMAC AGRO Avrasya, there were reports about shutdown in my region, and people were saying that no work could be done. At that time, there weren’t any managers above me.
There was also a trust issue with TIMAC AGRO, and I finished my first year with little to no results. It was really frustrating.

What was the turning point for you?
We first decided to address the trust issue in the region with the contributions of the recently appointed Business Unit Manager, Andaç Avşar, and my Regional Manager, Raziye Yetiş.
The process was long: we focused on durable relations. Our discussions with the farmers slowly started giving results after a while: my relationships became stronger and my visits to the field were more frequent. I listened to the farmers and made solving their problems my top priority. Instead of visiting different farmers in different farms every day, I took the decision to visit the same farms again and again. I patiently kept on with my visits to the same farms, until we found, together with the farmers, the best solutions to their problems.

How’s the work nowadays?
All those farmers’ visits, and our work on TIMAC AGRO’s notoriety, on bringing our knowledge to the fields, started paying off. I started receiving more and more demands from the farmers, and each day I receive new demands, new questions.
Nowadays, TIMAC AGRO Avrasya is known and trusted in my region. Farmers know they can call me to get ideas! We are on the way to reach more farmers day by day and become even more useful.