Career Talk – Mladen Daničić


Having been a TIMAC AGRO representative for almost 15 years, Mladen works on the Danubian banks. A splendid work environment, that he’s engaged in preserving with TIMAC AGRO solutions, and in which he finds pleasure to run. Have a look on his career !


How long have you been working for TIMAC AGRO?

I have been a representative for TIMAC AGRO Balkans for 14 years and 6 months now. I mainly work in the region of Śrem, on the banks of the Danube.

What sport do you practice, and for how long?

I played football for many years. I even played for the Serbian team in the competition between teams from neighboring TIMAC AGRO countries (we took third place)!
Nowadays, I mainly run for leisure. I am lucky to run near the Danube, my most frequent route: I follow it for 8 to 10 km once or twice a week.

Have you managed to create links between your love for sport and your professional life?

Football has allowed me to acquire and develop a strong team spirit.




What motivates you?

After running 10 km, all my problems suddenly seem smaller and easier to solve! I often point out to my colleagues and friends that any reward is much sweeter after 10 km of effort, but I haven’t convinced everyone yet!


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