Career Talk – Marko Jovanović


All fields and soils are distinct: they need different advices, different treatments. Our representatives are essential to TIMAC AGRO as they perfectly know the challenges producers are confronted to, and the lands they work on. We spoke with Marko Jovanović from TIMAC AGRO Balkans: he knows the subject well, as he’s been working on a very particular type of land since he started his career at TIMAC AGRO.


What’s your background?
I am a raspberry’s producer, and I decided to share my experience as a producer by becoming a TIMAC AGRO representative.

What does it mean for you, “working for TIMAC AGRO”?
Working at TIMAC AGRO means setting ambitious goals, persevering, encouraging personal growth, and of course, developing your skills.

What’s your work context?
I work in a region that’s very difficult to reach: the fields are inaccessible with mountains roads and steep lands. It’s especially true in the winter, when the roads are almost impracticable, and very often risky. It makes the job a bit more difficult.

How does that make your experience special?
The orchards are covering vast amount of steep lands. Farmers face many problems when managing an integrated farming system. I try to be always available, to take their difficulties into account, and to give them concrete answers, adapted to their realities.

How do the farmers work in your region?
Raspberry production in Western Serbia takes place on small farms, on sloping terrain, where the use of machinery is not possible, which makes production significantly more difficult!

How does one confront such hard conditions, what’s your mindset?
Every plant is a story for itself, and every year is a story for itself. I take one step after another. Through daily visits and timely advice, I managed to build trust with my customers, and most importantly, contributed to improving their production with TIMAC AGRO solutions. Farmers are pleased of the results, and I’m happy to see my work is paying off.


Our representatives are bringing the TIMAC AGRO’s expertise to the field : get to know them in our video serie « Daily Life on the Fields » on Youtube


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