Career Talk – Daryl Clay

Daryl Clay has been a field representative for TIMAC AGRO USA for more than 20 years: a valuable professional experience that he shares with the other members of his team. He talks about his career and the importance of transmission and team spirit in his job as a representative.

« We make progress by building on each other’s strengths and helping others overcome their weaknesses. »

Can you tell us about your professional career?

I have been working as a professional agronomist for over 45 years. The first 20 years was focused on crop research and consulting. Moving into sales came later, having accepted a District Sales Manager position, and covered the past 25 years. The transition from academics and research to sales was not difficult. I have always considered myself an educator first, possessing a desire to share what I have learned with others.

What does being a field representative for TIMAC AGRO USA entail?

Working with TIMAC AGRO is an opportunity to share. Take the example of “soil health”. This concern began decades ago with the initial emphasis being on tillage practices. Over the past 20 – 30 years the roll the soil biota plays in soil health has come to the fore. As an industry leader, TIMAC AGRO quickly had a role to play: TIMAC AGRO representatives took the opportunity to educate producers and help them improve their production capabilities as well as their ‘bottom line’ thanks to our solutions. Educate them to ‘Farm the Future’.

What does it mean « having a team spirit » in your team?

I am assigned to the Carolinas/Virginia’s Business Unit. Our unit has people with a variety of crop production experiences. We really function as a team. I have associates I call on for “fine-tuning” fertility recommendations in many crops, and I give advice or suggestions on other subjects.

How important is the transmission and the sharing of knowledge for you?

My expertise within the team is with nitrogen stabilization and overall agronomy and soil science expertise. I have also mentored new recruits on a few occasions. My many years of selling in the mid-Atlantic region of the USA has provided me with an extensive contact list of agricultural retailers in that region. Therefore, I can inform new recruits on what not to do: every mistake that can possibly be made, I have probably done at some point in my sale career.

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