In 2021, TIMAC AGRO factories have succeeded in delivering 100% of their customers.

Various factors, such as the health crisis and the explosion of raw material prices, have had the collateral effect of shaking not only the industrial world, but also all transport flows throughout the world. At the peak of the crisis, many companies saw their models being tested. At TIMAC AGRO, thanks to a local industrial establishment and a capacity to be flexible, we were able to manage this unprecedented situation and to ensure a systematic delivery to our customers. Our sites have continued to produce with an optimal functioning.

During 2021, all our commitments were met, forcing our industrial and logistics teams to manage an unprecedented situation of :

– Sharp increase in raw material prices
– Shortage of ships leading to delays in chartering raw materials
– Shortage of truck drivers making deliveries difficult
– Reduced stocks of raw materials making the manufacturing of our solutions more complex
– Adapted work with the implementation of measures against COVID-19

Faced with this context, our teams have nevertheless been able to organize and optimize all our sourcing, transport, production and delivery operations. By making bold choices, by being flexible, by knowing how to use alternative raw materials, and by relying on the versatility of our teams, we have succeeded in managing these tensions. Our industrial location, as close as possible to where our customers are, has also enabled us to make rapid deliveries.

Thus, without ever reducing our regulatory rigor, nor our selection and quality criteria, we are proud to have delivered 100% of our orders in 2021 and to be able to support our farming and distribution partners to ensure the continuity of their work.