TIMAC AGRO Polska invests in scanners for soil analysis

TIMAC AGRO Polska cooperates with farmers whose crops are very varied: wheat, corn, rapeseed, sugar beet, apples or berries. Crop area is very diverse, with farms ranging from 5 ha to 3500 ha.

Until now, the company has only been doing laboratory research. Łukasz Peroń, Marketing Director at TIMAC AGRO Polska, wishes to pursue other approaches, complementary to those existing for their studies: “We have been using the traditional laboratory for soil analysis. It was the only method available. Everyone knows and trusts it. On the other hand, the waiting time is much longer than if we use a soil scanner”. For him, time plays a crucial role: “As a company, we naturally invest in proven new technologies. We like the scanner because the search is very fast. In a few minutes we can have a basic analysis and show the report to the farmer (or send it to him). On this basis, we can improve our advice and increase responsiveness to farmers. The scanner is also a very practical device because it is easy to use and carry”.

Soil analysis directly at the farm

After the first telephone contact with the customer, TIMAC AGRO Polska advisers meet him directly on his farm. During this visit – and thanks to the scanner – they can analyse its soil. The company currently employs 115 TSAs who advise farmers to improve the yield of their soil. At the meeting in the farmer’s field, they can quickly analyse the nutrient content of the soil and show them in minutes the results of the research. With the scanner, it is possible to be in the field and have a report on his phone ready to be presented to the client.

An innovative product on the Polish market

It is in 2018 that the scanner made its appearance in Poland and TIMAC AGRO Polska was one of the first companies to use it. Since innovation is part of the company’s DNA, this investment made sense, as Marcin Wieremczuk, Product Manager at TIMAC AGRO and scanner user, points out: “Farmers are very interested in the scanner because it is a novelty that has only been put on the market recently. Our experience shows that the results are very similar to the traditional laboratory”.

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