The Contoterzisti & Agricoltori Forum on the theme “Contractors and farmers: a new technological era for doing business” was held on November 26 at Fico Eataly World in Bologna. This event was organized by the National Union of Entrepreneurs – UNCAI, in collaboration with New Holland, a consolidated partner, and  the participation of TIMAC AGRO Italia, the only technological partner of the event.

On this occasion, discussions on the impact of the subcontracting contract in Italian agriculture in the coming years have been presented, in the light of available evidence and opinions of politicians, entrepreneurs, farmers, opinion leaders, scientific partners. In particular, the 4.0 transformations were examined in order to reflect on future scenarios and propose visions of European and Italian policies.

Pierluigi Sassi (General manager of TIMAC AGRO Italia) participated in debate moderated by Sauro Angelini (Director of Agrilinea TV) mentioning the importance of the relation between innovation and social and environmental sustainability.