TIMAC AGRO has been improved the performance of the Fruit, Vegetable and Industrial crops sectors thanks to its ATCs skills. They are the ones who are close to the farmers, who are aware of the reality on the field and playing a key role. By offering the best solutions, they are helping them to produce better, and crop after crop they are promoting the reputation of TIMAC AGRO’s solutions with each invested sector. These efforts can be rewarded with a contract agreement with major industrial players, as our teams succeeded to do in Italy and Poland.

The potato sector is divided into 3 sub-sectors that feed 4 markets:

Ware potatoes: fresh product market + industrial market (ware or processed potatoes);
Starch: for the pulp and paper industry, the food industry, for materials such as textiles, etc;
Plants: for vegetable plant propagation.

Poland: a key potato market

With 300,000 ha of crops and 7.7 million tonnes of potatoes harvested each year, Poland is one of the biggest European markets for potatoes. To improve production, TIMAC AGRO Polska supports farmers in developing and monitoring their fertilisation plans. Our subsidiary also attempts to resolve climate change problems that affect the production of this plant at this latitude. To help the sector grow, TIMAC AGRO Polska directs its advice depending on consumer taste and according to the requirements of the potato industry (texture, shape, size, dry matter, reducing sugar content, etc.)