The job as TSAs is based on passion. Like Éric in France or Ahmet in Turkey, who share their experience with their sons Georges-Éric and Mustafa, and many of our TSAs do the same job, from father to son. Handing down the profession in a way our TIMAC AGRO community is proud of. It proves that this profession is a pleasure, involving dialogue and commitment that draws in generation upon generation.


Some TSAs testimonials

“I saw the support TIMAC AGRO France gave to my father over the years. I like this type of working atmosphere, so I applied for a job as a TSA. Among farmers, the TIMAC AGRO TSA is known and valued as the fertilisation specialist. Human relationships are the foundation of our trade.” Georges-Éric Lambert, France. (left side of the photo)


“I told my son that the job of a TSA involved taking pleasure in success, without taking the failures to heart. The keys to the job are dynamism and charisma. These qualities allow us to enjoy our time with our clients and appreciate their positive and pleasant characteristics.” Éric Lambert, France. (right side of the photo)


“I have been working for TIMAC AGRO Avrasya since 2015. My father is a farmer and a TSA, which is how I knew about the efficacy of TIMAC AGRO’s products before joining the company. Today, I am proud to support the farmers: for me, TIMAC AGRO is a byword for quality and reliability. My personal experience is that it is an advantage to work with my father: we are stronger together!” Mustafa Altinisik, Turkey.


“I have been working for TIMAC AGRO for over 9 years and I am proud of the technology the company uses. Thanks to the efficacy of the TIMAC AGRO products on plant nutrition, the agricultural yields are increasing. I also take advantage of my son’s energy, and his youth and enthusiasm.” Ahmet Altinisik, Turkey.