Our TSAs fertilise the Algerian Sahara

Thanks to new irrigation technologies and to the sharp increase in investment; Algeria’s Saharan agriculture is booming. In ten years, the average size of farms in this region has grown from 5 to 100 hectares. Thanks to our TIMAC AGRO Algeria TSAs, growing wheat, maize and watermelons in the desert is no longer just a mirage!

Our area of operation: 20,000 ha of crops

Our TIMAC AGRO Algeria TSAs work in a zone covering 12,000 ha of hard wheat, 5000 ha of silage maize and 3000 ha of watermelons. The intensive crops, where our techniques, products and fertigation plans are applied, have achieved convincing results. The advice of our TSAs on the cultivation of watermelons guarantees the quality and sustainability of the fruit.

The farmers particularly appreciate a reduction in losses while the fruit are stored in cold rooms and transported to the commercial areas in the north of the country.

“We rigorously plan our trips; in the Algerian South, great distances separate the farms. We want to be available to effectively monitor the crops because in the desert the same plots can produce two harvests per year! After a first harvest of hard wheat, we provide support for a second sowing of summer silage maize to be harvested in November.”
Bachir Zahouani, TSA in the Ghardaïa and Ouargla regions of Algeria

Sand, water and biostimulants

Our local TSAs are familiar with the austerity of the desert: the (sandy) soil is a simple substrate for the crops. This makes biostimulants indispensable in the hostile climate of this region (high temperatures in summer/winter frosts). All the plant’s nutrients have to be added, either into the soil with solid fertilisers, or via fertigation, with hydrosoluble fertilisers.

Our TSAs advise the farmers to add up to 5 different applications of biostimulants on silage maize and hard wheat.