How to make the most of grass silage first cut? ​

First silage cut is essential for farmers as this cut will provide forage stock for the winter. Although nitrogen is essential to ensure the yield, other elements have to be watched closely, especially phosphorus (P).

Nitrogen and phosphorus synergy has been known for a very long time in agriculture. Some soils may have high content in available P. However, in grasslands, low mineral P is generally applied due to high organic P through manure or slurry. But this P is not always efficient at the end of winter, beginning of spring. Low soil temperature has negative impact on P availability and organic matter mineralisation. 

TOP-PHOS technology is recommended to improve grass silage yield at first cut. Contact a TIMAC AGRO Expert, in order to know more about our TOP-PHOS solution.


  • Get a quick available phosphorus on a long-term basis​;
  • Phosphorus is protected against retrogradation and fixation;
  • You have an availibility of phosphorus even in acidic and alcaline soils​.