How can we increase the apple yield​ that reaches commercial yield?​

The metabolism activity of the tree from flowering till the harvest is essential to ensure the highest possible commercial yield. Metabolism linked to fruit growth has to be supported by the energy of the plant. If not, the caliber will be scarce and irregular at harvest. Supporting the energetic production and transport into the plant is thus important.

Moreover, in apple cultivation, the regular opening of the floral buttons, as well as their good development, highly decreases the risk of having gradual maturation of the fruits. It also helps to reach the apple optimum size caliber at harvest.

In order to get a regular floral button opening, it is necessary to stimulate the productions actions of all plant hormones, ideally in sustaining their natural biosynthesis and therefore maintainingthe good regulation of the hormones balance.

Finally, abiotic stresses during flower development can also compromise fruit set, by increasing fruit drop.

TIMAC AGRO products can help to sustain apple trees in this fundamental phase. 

The growth of the ovary, and thus, of the fruit, is tightly bound to the presence of vegetal hormones auxins and gibberellins.

TIMAC AGRO solutions can help to improve this hormonal balance to reach the apple optimum sizecaliber. Contact your expert!