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TIMAC Agro International
Head Office: 27, avenue Franklin Roosevelt
35408 Saint-Malo Cedex
Tel: +33 (0)2 99 20 65 20  


TIMAC Agro International 

Head Office: 27, avenue Franklin Roosevelt
F35408 Saint-Malo - France
Tel: +33 (0)2 99 20 65 67 20   

Privacy Protection
All information are collected and use only by TIMAC Agro International. According to the law "Informatique and Liberty" (privacy protection) from 6th January 1978, you can access and modify your personal information collected. If you wish to access your personal datas, please contact us.

Intellectual Property 
TIMAC Agro International has the exclusivity of all intellectual properties rights on both the structure and the content of the website in the entire world. Any partial or full copy of the website is forbidden.

For your convenience, TIMAC Agro International give you access to third parties website. TIMAC Agro International is not responsible or liable for any third parties website's content or any technical risks. By using these links to access an external website, you accept all risks and eventual direct or indirect damages which can occur.

TIMAC Agro International is allowed to update these current legal information at any time regarding the evolution of the website content and any extra legal protection obligation. You should review the private legacy page before each use of the site.

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